Grandfather Mountain

cabin rentals near grandfather mountainAdventures a Mile High

If you are looking for cabin rentals near Grandfather Mountain, you’ve come to the right place as Cornerstone Cabin Rentals & Lodge is less than 20 minutes from the entrance to Grandfather Mountain.

Formed over a billion years ago, the unique rock formation in Linville, North Carolina known as Grandfather Mountain has attracted tourists and locals alike to travel to the top of its peaks hiking, shopping, sightseeing, adventuring, learning, and so much more!

At the very top of the mountain is a unique attraction that has left countless people speechless, possibly at first because of the height, but then because of the 360-degree views that unfold in front of you for miles and miles. This is the one and only Mile High Swinging Bridge. The bridge has been a real exhibit of the pioneer spirit for thousands of people ever since it opened in 1952. You have the option of crossing the bridge to the other side and getting even closer to the amazing views as well as challenging yourself and walking away with the proud accomplishment of crossing the Mile High Swinging Bridge, or you can stay on the main side and admire the intricate engineering of the bridge and experience a portion of the views. This experience alone will leave you speechless and then later you won’t be able to stop telling your loved ones back home how amazing it was no matter what choice you make!

Grandfather boasts an impressive experience in the Profile Trail. There are many starting locations, the most common being at the Swinging Bridge, and then you travel just over three miles through the nature park that extends over the mountain. The lower portion is easier and allows for extended views of the areas surrounding the massive mountain as well as beautiful greenery and unique sights within the forest. All of these elements make the lower stretch very family friendly for kids of all ages as well as those who are not as experienced hikers. The upper segment of the hike is more strenuous and challenges its hikers more. Adorning the upper faces are steep rocks and a few places where ladders have been installed to assist hikers up the side, but all of this work is so worth it to see the incredible views from the top of the Grandfather Profile. At the top, views extend on and on for miles allowing you to truly feel as if you were on top of the world!

Now if hiking isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other attractions on Grandfather that are sure to please you and your group. Take a stroll with your friends and family through our abundance of wildlife habitats that showcase the gorgeous native animals in their natural environments. People all ages will love seeing the playful River Otters slide and dart through the underwater viewing spot as well as feeding the big black bears peanuts and watching them show off in an attempt to get you to share your peanuts with them instead of the others. In addition to them, there are also sleek Cougars, beautiful White-tailed Deer, and even majestic Eagles inhabit our parks and are available for your viewing.

Once you’ve seen all the animals, you are sure to be more curious about the area and its history, and you can learn all about it in our Nature Museum. Our galleries and exhibits are truly impressive, being designed by former Chief of Natural History Exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Rolland Hower, and show casing the finest collection of native North Carolina gems open to the public as well as an exhibit showing a number of gorgeous birds found in the area and then another exhibit telling the stories of the many explorers to brave the unknown in the North Carolina mountains, such as Daniel Boone, Andre Michaux, and Asa Gray. There are also many Native American artifacts on display informing our many guests about the original people to inhabit these adventure-filled mountains.

Whatever attractions you choose to see on your trip to Grandfather Mountain, you are sure to be pleased as you are on the short drive back to your cabin rentals in Banner Elk NC. Nothing is quite like seeing the raw beauty of the mountains and then retiring to a rustic cabin, further experiencing the unique qualities of our location. You will see the rolling hills of the valley far below you as your perched in the forest on top of an incredible mountain peak and after visiting Grandfather Mountain, you might have a wonderful new view on the natural surroundings of your rental. And a good thing about being so close to attractions like Grandfather Mountain is that if you did not get enough of it in one day, you can always go back the next and see whatever was left over or see your favorite attractions from the previous trip!