Linville Falls

cabins linville falls Another gem along the Blue Ridge parkway and within a short drive from our beautiful North Carolina mountain cabin rentals is Linville Falls. Cascading along a three tier rock formation is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Appalachian Mountains. It is one of the key attractions of the mountains of western North Carolina and is a must see if you are in the area.

Not only do you get to see a truly gorgeous waterfall, but you get to dive into the wild heart of the mountains as you hike the trails to reach the falls. It is a short trail of moderate difficulty, but you feel fully immersed in the beauty and mystery of the area. As you hike along the 1.6 mile trail, you begin to get glimpses of the falls, feeding your hunger and desire to see it up close and dive into the cool Plunge Pool in the river at the base. Farther up the trail, there is what is known as the Chimney View, framing the falls with the large evergreens and rock faces and showcasing the gorge below the falls.

Should you not take the main trail, the 1.6 mile Erwin’s View Trail, you can take the other trail that takes you directly to the base of the falls, leaving you standing at the bottom staring up at its massive power and raw perfection of the natural formation. At the end of the trail, you can climb around the rocks in the river and around the sides to get up close with the falls. This will truly be a site that you will never forget, be it through photos or the sheer exhilaration of being in the presence of something so naturally majestic. Linville Falls will be a gem that you will speak of for weeks after your visit, telling your friends every detail, and then years to come after visiting time and time again, loving that the beauty and thrill of the falls never fades.

The roar of the water, the feeling of the mist, the cool breeze floating off of the water, and the smooth feeling of the river rocks under your bare feet as you wade and swim in the mountain river will fill your dreams and thoughts as you settle back into your bed in your rustic, beautiful cabin rental in Banner Elk, North Carolina. The wonderful feeling of being fully immersed in nature on your trip, from the falls to your accommodations, will leave you with a satisfaction that you can only get with us and the magnificent mountains of western North Carolina.

If you’re looking for a great day trip with cabin rentals closeby – we hope that you will come and stay with us. Make reservations early as we have limited availability.