The Highland Games

grandfather mountain cabin rentals highland gamesThe Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain always has most everything booked up as far as cabin rentals are concerned so we would HIGHLY suggest booking well in advance of the games. Our Cornerstone Cabin Rentals are literally only 20-25 minutes from the entrance to Grandfather Mountain.

Atop the over mile high landmark of Grandfather Mountain, an annual competition is held in the green fields surrounded by lush forests to bring together and celebrate Scottish clans and their heritage. As with any nationality, tradition is widely important, and the Highland Games as a tradition dates back way before the discovery of Grandfather Mountain, making this event not only a fun festival for you and your family, but it is also an incredibly learning experience for everyone in attendance!

Started around the 11th century by the Scottish king, the Highland Games originated within the clans of Northern Scotland and the Celts of Scotia (another name for Ireland). Much later though, in 1956, the Highland Games of Grandfather Mountain began, and have since became one of the most popular events in the nation! Inside of a 440 yard oval track, many of the traditional games, like foot races and ‘heavy’ events, are held. Enormous amount of interest in Scottish heritage has been sparked from the success of the Grandfather games, bringing people of all ages and from all over the world together to this small town that resembles the lush green fields of Scotland.

The games aren’t the only activities at the festival however! One of the most authentic parts of the event is held on Saturday and Sunday of the week-long festival inside the Gàidhlig Céilidh Tent. Not only can people learn about how their ancestors spoke and what sort of music they listened to, but you can join in and take part in singing traditional Gaelic songs as well as learn some basic Gaelic words. Piping, drumming, athletics, music, and culture all native to the Scottish people are other elements that visitors can take part in or observe.

The people who run the Grandfather Highland Games has a strict integrity that they abide by to ensure that the clans involved, the sponsors, patrons, and visitors have the best time, learn and become excited about Scottish culture, as well as enjoy watching the traditional athletic events.

Should you have the fortune of being in Banner Elk during the annual event, it is one of those events that you must go and take part in. The experience is next to none no matter if you are of Scottish heritage or not. Our Grandfather Mountain cabin rentals make visiting the games much easier and even convenient enough that you can go back multiple days should you choose to, which is a great possibility considering how much fun the games are and how wonderful the experience is!