Tweetsie Railroad

places to stay around tweetsie railroadHave you ever wished you could venture back in time to the Wild West? As you drive through the mountains of Western North Carolina, have you found yourself daydreaming of how it must have been to be a pioneer in this area, discovering new land, braving all of the obstacles that could have possibly faced a cowboy and adventurer like yourself? Well, continue along that road leading you closer and closer to Blowing Rock, NC, and with a single turn, you can transport you and your family back into the days of can-can dancers, trains, cowboys, and Indians! Searching for places to stay around Tweeetsie Railroad? Book our Banner Elk Cabins which are a short drive away from Tweetsie and the attractions in Blowing Rock.

Whether you’re a wide-eyed child, full of excitement and imagination, or an adult, secretly wishing you could have been a cowboy or Indian, visitors of all ages that come to Tweetsie Railroad’s park undoubtedly have an incredible time! Explore the shops on the main street, finding costumes, souvenirs, crafts, delicious food, and much more. You can either then make your way up the hill to the amusement park rides and carnival games and ride on the genuine old-time carousel or the tilt-a-whirl if that is more your speed, or you can jump on the train and get instantly transported back in time as you venture through the thickly forested mountains surrounding the park. On this ride, enjoy the company of the cowboy or cowgirl that accompanies your train car and watch the shows put on at each stop the train makes throughout the journey through our mountains. Fun and exciting scenes of cowboys and bandits escaping or fights with Indians and even occasionally watch as a character or two rides in on a beautiful horse, adding more excitement and anticipation for your viewing pleasure! Once you safely return to the station, you can explore the rest of the park and discover the top section, where you can pan for gold or ride the small Mouse train through the cheese mine or visit our wildlife park, where you and your children can feed deer, goats, birds, and many other animals found in our area!

All in all, Tweetsie Railroad is a place where children will have the time of their lives and adults will enjoy themselves just as much as their kids! And after the long day in the park, nothing beats returning to something very similar to what these cowboys and adventurers would have lived in, and relaxing in the beautiful, natural surroundings of your Banner Elk cabin rental!