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Puerto Nuevo Mexican & Seafood Restaurant 

The Puerto Nuevo Mexican and Seafood Restaurant is a dine-in restaurant located a short 5 minutes from the Cornerstone Cabins. As the name suggests, the restaurant is famous for its home-cooked Mexican cuisine, with a unique touch of the sea mixed in.
Puerto Nuevo has a rustic look to it, allowing visitors to get caught up in the atmosphere of an authentic Hispanic dining experience. Almost as impressive as the taste of the food is the presentation of it. Each plate that hits a table comes with its own artistic flair, adding another level of immersion to the meal. Watch as guacamole is handmade in plain sight; there's no doubting that the ingredients are as fresh as it gets.
One of its most famous features is the salsa bar. Choose from dozens of sauce options to enhance your Mexican dining experience to unbelievable new levels. The diner decides what flavor they want to add to their night of fine feasting.
In classic Hispanic fashion, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It's possible to eat alone, but the restaurant is made for hosting groups. Share nachos with some friends and feast into a massive burrito. Slip some shrimp on the side and it won't be regretted in the slightest. Those who go nearly always find their way back in subsequent trips due to the excellent service and food.
There's nothing like finishing a day of skiing, snowboarding, biking, or other such outing with a dine-in dinner at Puerto Nuevo Mexican and Seafood Restaurant. Enter the warm atmosphere and take it easy after an adventure with the family, or spice up a day of relaxation with some of the most incredible Mexican food of the nation. For any occasion, Puerto Nuevo is sure to give you a good time.